Booking Terms & Conditions

Bookings are accepted by Cole, Rayment & White (CRW) on behalf of owners on the conditions shown below:

GENERAL – Bookings are accepted by Cole Rayment and White (CRW) on behalf of Owners, the person, or persons in a contractual relationship with CRW for the purpose of marketing and managing the administrative process of letting their property for holidays. CRW acts entirely as a Booking Agent for the Owners of all the properties offered and contracts accepted by CRW shall be between the Person making a Booking (Licensee) and the Owner of the property for whom the booking is made and CRW have no contractual liability to you.

AUTHORITY TO SIGN – The Licensee certifies that he or she is authorised to confirm the Booking on behalf of all persons who will occupy the property during the period for which he has booked it and that they are all, apart from infants, aware of the Booking Conditions. The brochure description of each property clearly indicates the maximum number of guests who may occupy it and the surrounding grounds. Exceeding this number constitutes a breach of contract and CRW has the right to terminate the booking forthwith and all monies paid by the applicant will be forfeit.

YOUNGER GUESTS – At no time during the period of any bookings may parents or guardians leave children or teenagers at any property on their own. The person confirming a booking request does so on behalf of all persons who will occupy the property during the period stated. Any breach will result in immediate termination of the booking without refund.

FAMILY GROUPS – CRW accept bookings only from family groups unless by special arrangement with the owners and CRW.

LICENSEE OBLIGATIONS – The Licensee will be responsible for all payments and for any damage, whether caused by the Licensee or his or her party and shall make his or her party fully aware of these Terms and Conditions. The Licensee agrees to keep and leave the Accommodation and its contents in the same state of repair and condition and in a clean and tidy state as at the commencement of the booking period (reasonable wear and tear excepted). The Licensee must allow CRW and/or its agents to enter the Accommodation to inspect the state of it, on reasonable notice, except in emergency when immediate access must be granted. The Licensee must not use the Accommodation or allow its use for any dangerous, offensive, noisy, illegal, or immoral activities that may be a nuisance or annoyance to CRW or to any neighbours. The Licensee and his or her party must comply with any reasonable regulations relating to the Accommodation of which the Licensee has written notice. Such regulations will be found in the welcome folder in the Accommodation, typical examples would include any local conditions regarding parking, waste disposal and recycling. Smoking is not permitted in any part of the Accommodation and the Licensee and any member of his or her party agrees not to smoke inside the Accommodation. The use of candles or fireworks by the Licensee or his or her party at the Accommodation is not permitted unless expressly agreed in writing with the Licensee. Use of barbecues is not permitted at any time unless provided.

CHARGEABLE EXTRAS – Extras are charged by certain owners as indicated in the descriptions of the properties concerned. When booking these properties, the Licensee accepts the owner’s right to charge these extras either directly or through CRW as specified in the details.

BOOKING FEE AND TRAVEL INSURANCE – CRW will charge a booking fee. At the time of writing, the fee will be £35.00 per booking. CRW recommends the purchase of a travel insurance cover, should the cancellation of the holiday become necessary due to unforeseen circumstances.

BOOKING DEPOSIT – Booking enquiries can be accepted via our website and email or by telephone. To secure a reservation the Licensee must agree the Booking Terms & Conditions and pay a deposit of 25% (plus booking fee and any extra charges, e.g.: pet fee or linen charges) of the total tariff for the period booked. The balance must be paid by the Licensee no later than 6 weeks before arrival. If the balance is not received within the time specified CRW reserves the right to cancel the booking and retain the deposit. Bookings made within six weeks of the start of the holiday require payment in full at the time of booking. Value Added Tax is included in the Rental figures shown (where applicable). It has been levied at the rate appropriate at the time of booking for payment on the due date. If changes occur in VAT levels, rentals will be amended accordingly and Applicants who have already made bookings which are affected by the change will be credited or debited with the appropriate amount.

CHANGE OF BOOKING – After a contract has been concluded, any request from the Licensee for changes in the Contract will be subject to the agreement of CRW. A request by the Licensee for transfer of a booking to another property will be treated as a cancellation of the original reservation. CRW may, at its discretion, accept transferred bookings subject to payment of a fee of £42.00 including VAT. If for reasons beyond their control, CRW have to cancel or alter arrangements made for the Licensee CRW will make every effort to offer an alternative property if one is available. If the Licensee does not accept the alternative offered, CRW will return to the Licensee any monies paid, where upon CRW’s liability will cease.

CANCELLATION – If a Licensee wishes to cancel a booking it must give CRW notice in writing as soon as possible. A 100% cancellation charge will be payable. On receipt of the written cancellation CRW will endeavour to re-book the Accommodation for the holiday period and, if successful for the whole or part of the period, will refund the relevant proportion of the money paid less a cancellation fee of £30 including VAT and the booking fee. If, following a booking, the full balance is not paid on time, CRW shall notify the Licensee. If, after 30 days from the date on which full payment is due, full payment has not been received by CRW then it may cancel the holiday booking and the above cancellation charges will apply and the Licensee remains liable for 100% of the holiday cost.

PETS – Pets are allowed in certain properties and these are indicated in the property description. They are accepted subject to their owner accepting liability for any damage they may do and on the condition that they will not be left unattended in the property, they are kept under strict control within the curtilage of the property and restricted to permitted areas only and not allowed to climb on furniture. Any mess should be cleared from the garden on departure. Pet owners are expected to bring suitable bedding for their animals. Where a property states ‘No Pets’, this does not deem as ‘Pet Free’, as the owners may, themselves, have pets. Any Licensee who takes a pet into the property without permission or without notifying CRW in writing or on the Booking Form is in Breach of Contract and CRW has the right to terminate his booking forthwith and to retain all monies paid by the Licensee.

TIME OF ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE – Most properties are available from 4pm on the “holiday start” day until 10am on the “holiday finish” day as indicated on your booking confirmation. These times must be strictly adhered to except by previous agreement. (There are a few exceptions, please check with a member of staff.) CRW’s offices are open until 5.00pm Monday to Friday, and until 2.00pm on Saturday. (Please note: The Rock office is open until 12 noon on Saturdays.) If you are required to collect keys for your accommodation and your arrival is delayed beyond Office hours, please contact CRW regarding collection of keys.

COMPLAINT HANDLING PROCEDURE (CHP) – Despite the care and precautions taken it is possible that the Licensee could have grounds for complaint about the property they have chosen. Any complaint must be taken up with CRW within 48 hours of arrival. Complaints made after the holiday has been completed will not be considered in terms of any rectification. Complaints initially made verbally should also be made in writing. This is to ensure that we fully understand exactly what your complaint is and have a written record of it. The first stage of our complaints handling procedure will involve full consideration of your complaint by Peter Olivey on behalf of the firm where we shall try to resolve the complaint to a satisfactory conclusion. If the Licensee is happy with the outcome of the investigation, the matter will conclude. If further investigation is required, CRW will consider the complaint as quickly as possible. The complaint will be acknowledged within 7 days and after a full investigation, CRW will provide a response, or if that is not possible an update within 21 days. Further details regarding the CHP are available on request.

CENTRAL HEATING – Central heating is not installed except where clearly indicated.

PERSONAL PROPERTY – CRW will not be responsible for any items of personal property left in any of the properties.

PROPERTY DETAIL – Whilst representations both verbal and visual contained in the property description and in other advertising matter are made in good faith and carefully scrutinised and agreed with the Owners, neither they nor any oral representations made by any employee of CRW form part of the Contract. No warranty or representation is given as to the state of any property. The colours shown on illustrations may not be accurate. This may be due to a technical/print reason, changes of decor or furnishings or fabrics, or seasonal variations.

NURSERY EQUIPMENT – Some owners provide cots & highchairs, please check property description and where items are listed these will be provided.

LINEN – Sheets, pillowcases, duvet covers, and towels are not provided – unless otherwise specified within the property detail and should be brought with you. Alternatively, linen can be hired locally.

CLEANING – Licensees are required to leave the property they have rented in a clean and tidy condition ready for the next occupier. If a property is not left clean and tidy, any additional cleaning costs will be charged to the outgoing Licensee. Every property is attended by the owners’ caretaker between bookings

REFUSE /RECYCLING COLLECTION – Many properties have private collections where weekly collections of refuse and recycling is available once a week. Licensees are required to observe the refuse collection day and ensure without fail, that rubbish is secured as instructed. Where kerbside collections still apply Licensees will be fined the sum of £25.00 for unbagged rubbish and £10.00 for bagged rubbish (per bag), that has not been correctly placed for collection.

UTILITIES – Electrical and gas supplies, and other failures must be reported to CRW. Licensees must not attempt repairs themselves but advise CRW of any fault. CRW cannot be held responsible for the failure of gas/water and electricity utility companies.

WIFI / BROADBAND – If Wi-Fi / Broadband is supplied, the Licensee agrees to comply with all current legislation pertaining and regarding to the use of electronic data and the internet. CRW accepts no liability for the loss or damage to the Licensees data, or for the Licensees inappropriate or illegal use of the internet, or for the unavailability of the Wi-Fi / Broadband connection.

EXTERNAL FACTORS – CRW cannot be held to account for any disturbance caused by holiday fairs, fetes, events, festivals, or natural disasters out of CRW’s control occurring during the letting season or building works in the vicinity or on neighbouring properties.

DAMAGES – The Licensee agrees to pay the cost of any damage they have caused to the property. This includes repairs, replacements, extra cleaning, stain removal etc. These should be reported to CRW. Where a property requires an additional damages deposit (please see individual property descriptions).

SECURITY – The Licensee should always leave the property secure, locking all doors and windows.

LOST/LOCKED KEYS – If a callout is required to retrieve keys that have been locked inside a property, a callout charge of £50 will be payable to CRW Holidays. If a Licensee loses the keys to the property during their stay a callout charge of £50 will apply PLUS replacement key cost. However, if the owner requires a new lock to be installed, in the event of lost keys this cost would also become the responsibility of the Licensee.

CAUTIONARY/ DAMAGE DEPOSIT – Where a Returnable Damage Deposit is required – deposit is payable by you in respect of damage to the Property, damage or loss of contents, damage, or loss of keys, excessive or incorrect use of facilities (including, but not limited to, telephones, internet, and other amenities provided at the Property) and if the property is left requiring further cleaning.
CRW or the Owner reserve the right to invoice you to recover (the Owner’s) reasonable costs if the deposit paid under this agreement is insufficient to repair or replace any damage caused to the Property or its contents during your Accommodation.
Please check the property on your arrival and report any damage that you may find to ensure there is no dispute as to when it occurred.
CRW or the Owner’s caretaker will assess the Property after your Accommodation and will:
a. Provide you with a refund of the deposit made within 7 days of your departure providing no damage is caused beyond normal wear and tear.
b. Inform you of the amount to be retained then action a refund for the difference. or
c. Inform you of the amount to be further charged or a combination of any of the above at our discretion.

PERSONAL INJURY – The use of the amenities provided by the Owners such as swimming pools, swings, rowing boats, etc., is entirely at user’s risk and no responsibility can be accepted for any injuries to persons or loss or damage to any belongings of persons who use them.

LIABILITY – CRW will not be liable for any accident, damage, direct or consequential loss, injury, expense, or inconvenience whether to person or property which the Licensee or any other person may suffer arising out of, or in any way connected with the letting howsoever caused.

HOUSING ACT 1988 – The Licensee will have the right to occupy the property for the holiday period under licence within the meaning of the Housing Act 1988. Should access be required, the Owner and / or the agent / third party / contractor will be allowed access without prior notice in the event of an emergency or on a reasonable notice on any other event.

TERMINATION OF AGREEMENT – CRW reserves the right to refuse or terminate (without refund) any booking where CRW consider there has been a breach of these terms and conditions.

DISPUTE AND INTERPRETATION – In a dispute and or interpretation of this contract, English law and jurisdiction will apply. If a court finds one of the terms of booking illegal, void or unenforceable in whole or part, the remainder of the terms will remain valid.

OLDER PROPERTIES – Many of our older properties offer charm and character and were built well before modern building practices. This means that they sometimes have lower ceilings, narrow stairs, and a tendency to be damp despite the care we take when inspecting a property. Damp patches, powdery salt crystals and paint blistering can occur particularly during wet periods in coastal locations or through condensation if windows have not been left open for air to circulate. All bookings are therefore made on the understanding that guests accept that the conditions in older properties cannot be the same as for modern ones.