Ever heard of the Cornwall bug? That’s what we call the desire to return to our county again and again – to rebook another holiday before you have even got home.

We often welcome returning guests, including whole families; those who have taken their first visit to the county with their parents and stayed in one of our holiday homes, and who now bring their grandchildren back to enjoy a holiday here. Whole generations of people who all have the Cornwall bug!

Take Geoff and Linda, guests who have stayed with us many times over the years, who said: “Geoff has visited for 60 years, since he was 5 years old; Linda has been visiting for 30+ years since she has known Geoff. We took our children for many years and are now anticipating taking grandchildren!”

Travellers have a variety of reasons for going back to places they know and love, and with Cornwall in particular there’s no shortage of motives to return. We took a look at the reasons Cornwall is so special, and why these visitors love to come back so much, with a little help (and some lovely words!) from our guests.

Picturesque surroundings

One thing that comes up whilst chatting to our guests time and time again is just how picturesque Cornwall is – a place naturally primed for those who like to get the camera out on their holiday! With colourful harbours, quaint villages, and scenic locations galore, there’s no shortage of beautiful views to be had.

Our guests love to explore charming village settings as well as enjoying nature’s own show of beauty: “We have enjoyed visits to Looe, Mevagissey, Falmouth, Fowey, Charlestown and our particular favourite Port Isaac. Loads of time is also spent walking on the Camel trail enjoying the beautiful scenery.”

The food and drink scene

The culinary scene is certainly a key part of the allure of Cornwall. The county is famous for various food and drink delights, notably seafood, cream teas and of course the Cornish pasty. Padstow really excels in this regard – so much so that eating and drinking becomes a thing to do in itself.

When we asked one of our guests what they like to do best when they visit, they said: “we visit one of the pubs for a bite of lunch. Plenty of places to choose from. It usually culminates in the purchase of copious supplies of Cornish pasties taken back for tea!”. Sounds perfect to us!

Historic appeal

Whether you’re a history buff or just enjoy learning more about the places you visit, the historic charm of Cornwall is certainly one of the reasons visitors choose to return. Mementos of the county’s history are scattered across the region, from ruins and castle to impressive manor houses.

Visiting these is one of the things holidaymakers love to do, as explained by one of our guests: “Cornwall itself has so much to explore from this wonderful base – the history of tin mining, china clay excavations, the big stately homes of Llanhydrock and Cotehele, as well as the charming closer ones of Pencarrow and Prideaux Place.”

The beauty of the Cornish coast

For many, Cornwall’s rugged coastlines and sandy beaches are the key to its irresistible charm. Whether it’s relaxing in a slice of paradise that feels almost tropical, hiking in dramatic coastal landscapes, or a great British day at the seaside complete with bucket and spades, the county’s coast provides an ever-present reason to return. Plus, it offers a variety of opportunities to surf and paddleboard for those who like watersports.

Outdoor adventures

For those keen on spending time in the great outdoors, Cornwall is the ideal holiday destination year after year. The region boasts a variety of classic British landscapes waiting to be explored through hiking, cycling, running, and more. Thrill seekers are attracted by the coasteering opportunities, as well as watersports.

Even those who take a more relaxed view make sure to enjoy plenty of time outside in nature:“One of our favourite walks is from Rock to Polzeath via the dunes and Brea Hill to Daymer Bay for a pitstop and an ice cream, then a stroll along the Greenaway to Polzeath beach and a pasty. Walking the Camel Trail to Wadebridge is another favourite for wildlife and birds.”

Wildlife watching

There are some great wildlife watching locations in Cornwall for those interested in getting close to the animals that inhabit the county. From seals, dolphins and sharks, to badgers and beavers, to bird life soaring through the skies, different landscapes throughout the region provide habitats for an array of creatures great and small. Our guests particularly love to seek out marine life: “A must though is a trip around the bay and islands on the Jubilee Queen. We’ve been fortunate to see Dolphins, Seals, Puffins and many other seabirds.”

Comfort, nostalgia and familiarity

One benefit of returning to the same place time after time is that you know what to expect and when you know what to expect, and you already know that you enjoy it, you are very unlikely to have a bad experience – so it’s no wonder so many return after a fantastic first visit to Cornwall. There’s a special comfort in the feeling of knowing where you are and what you can expect the trip to look like. That experience feels familiar and enjoyable – like returning to a second home.

Just ask our guests: “We have loads of places we like to visit from our base in Padstow. We in particular love Polzeath beach which allows the family dog on before mid May. Many happy hours have been spent there where we usually hire wet suits to combat the cold of the sea.”

An emotional connection

Sometimes particular locations stir emotions, and while we may be biased, there’s definitely something about Cornwall that transcends the coastal splendour, picturesque villages, and varied landscapes that make it up. We know that when visitors struggle to express exactly what it is that ties them to their annual holiday with us, it’s because Cornwall is more than a destination; it’s an emotional connection too. From the rugged cliffs to quaint seaside pubs, every corner holds memories and feeling.

Lusty Glaze in Cornwall

The pleasure of doing nothing

If nothing else, returning to Cornwall on holiday allows you to indulge in the joy of doing nothing. Perhaps our guest said it best when they said their favourite thing to do on holiday was to “adopt the Cornish ability to chill and take life easy.”

This is something we hear time and time again. We speak to many people who come back to Cornwall every year, and even if they occasionally enjoy a holiday abroad, can’t be swayed to forego their annual pilgrimage to our county. We ask what they do whilst they are here, and the answer is often simple: nothing.

Returning to Cornwall gives guests the security to properly rest; you automatically feel more relaxed, you know where everything is, and you can take pleasure in doing not very much at all. For many, the idea of spending a few nights away from the usual chores is the best break of all.

Are you ready to return to Cornwall – or can we tempt you for a first visit? Browse our selection of holiday homes in Cornwall for cottages and houses suitable for families, couples, four legged friends and more!